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product liabilityALIMONTI LAW OFFICES, P.C. (“ALO”) offers the unique perspective of handling product liability claims from both the defense and “plaintiffs” perspective. In addition to our defense work on behalf of the aviation manufacturers and their insurers, ALO is frequently called upon to represent insurers in subrogation actions against manufacturers of aircraft and their sub-assemblies. This dual perspective helps us to better anticipate [and rebut] opposing arguments and to more accurately evaluate our cases.

ALO has extensive experience with the “Economic Loss Doctrine” as applied in jurisdictions throughout the United States. Rick Alimonti and ALO are also active in counseling clients on how to avoid liability and exposure, through presentations to manufacturing clients on “Product Integrity” and related issues of document creation and management. Our Product Liability clients include Messier-Dowty, Messier-Bugatti, SNR Bearings, and V&L Tool Company.